Kindle Features & Functions

Getting familiar with the Kindle Key Pad and Special Function buttons

The figure below provides a general pictorial view to the outlook of the device.
1. Select Wheel — Select Wheel is the Wheel to move the cursor up and down the cursor bar. It can be pressed to select a particular item on the screen.
2. Cursor bar — Cursor bar contains a rectangle of silver color known as the cursor, which allows to select a particular line on the display. The cursor can be moved up and down the bar using the select wheel. When the cursor is lined up with what is intended to select, the select wheel is pressed down and released to make the selection.
3. Select wheel — Select wheel is rolled to move the cursor up and down the cursor bar. This button is pressed to select a particular item on the display screen.
4. Back button — Back Button on allows to retrace steps on Kindle E-Book Reader . For example, a link may be followed in a book, then the Back button may be used to return to the place from where it jumped to the link. Back Button on Kindle Device is just similar to the back button on any web browser.
5. Next page button — This button is used to navigate to the next page in the reading material. A next page button is provided on both sides of the Kindle E-book Reader Device to allow holding Kindle in either right hand or left hand with equal comfort.

Kindle Ebook Reading
Outlook of General Kindle Device

6. Previous page button — This button works opposite to the Next Page Button and is used to navigate back to the the previous page in any reading material. If there is no previous page, this button acts like the Back button.
7. Keyboard — The keyboard is used to enter the terms to be searched in the pages, notes in the reading content, URLs for Web sites, and other input text from users . There are also some special keys on the keyboard that are known as function keys or hot keys.

How to Switch On/Off Kindle

On the back side of the Kindle E-Book Reader Device, there is provided a Power Switch Sliding Button that can slide to the On or Off positions to toggle the states of the device. Once done with the reading of the media, the user may switch off the device. But this is not the only option provided to save the battery of the device. There is another option of Sleep. The device can be derived to Sleep state when not in use. For this, the “Alt” Key is held down and the Text key (the first button to the right of the space bar printed with the symbol “Aa”) is pressed and released once. This triggers the sleep mode of the device which not only saves the battery life but also deactivates all keys of the device to avoid accidental changes to reading position due to pressing of keys by mistake. To awake the device from sleep state, one needs to repeat the steps of deriving the device to sleep mode i.e. press and release the Text key once while holding the Alt key pressed down.

How to use Text to Speech Feature of Amazon Kindle

Step 1: The Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary manner to read digital media. Digital books are transferred from the computer to Kindle through a wireless service free of charges. The cost of purchasing an electronic books varies. A number of digital books books are available free of cost in the public domain. There are several sites from which you can download free books. Bestseller Kindle books are usually cost $9.99 or even less. So the first step to use Kindle E-Book reader is to transfer the digital media to be read to local memory of the Kindle Device.

Step 2: One awesome feature of Amazon Kindle is Text to Speech that allows Kindle to read out the digital texts loudly and the reader can listen to it instead of reading. To enable and use Text to Speech feature of Kindle E-Book Reader, bring the intended digital media on the display screen.

Step 3: To increase the volume of speech, there is a volume control is a bar located on the upper right hand outside edge. On the top of the bar, there is a very small “+ sign” Pressing which will increase the volume. Press the increase end a few times to make the volume of the speech audible.

Step 4: On the keypad of the Kindle Device, the first button to the right of the space bar is the font button printed with the symbol “Aa”. PRESS this button.

Step 5: There is a square button on the right had side of the keyboard of Kindle Device. Use this square button and push it in the down direction once. The words “Text To Speech” will be shown on the display screen and the cursor will be underlining the words “turn on”.

Step 6: Press the square button (click) once. It takes a second or so to engage and start the functionality. Very soon the spoken words should be audible. If not, One should try increasing the volume again.

Step 7: The volume should be adjusted to comfortable level. And the Kindle E-book Reader Device is ready for reading the electronic page on its screen, in fact it should have started reading it loudly.

Step 8: The speed of reading the text can also be adjusted to custom levels. For this, press the the font button (next left to space bar) again.

Step 9: Press the square button in the down direction once. The words “Speech Rate” will be displayed on the screen with the options of “Lower” or “Default (regular)” or “Faster”. Any of the options as per the interest may be chosen and enjoyed.

Step 10: The voice of the reader may also be altered with chosen “SEX” of the reader. For changing the SEX of the reader, press the font button again while listening to the reader.

Step 11. Use the square button and push in the down direction multiple times until the words “Speaking Voice” on the display screen.

Step 12: “Female” or “Male” may be chosen for the voice of interest.

WARNING – if the Kindle is to be used while driving, all the adjustments to volume, speed, and voice should be completed “BEFORE” setting out the device. “Adjusting while driving” is just as seriously dangerous to life. To stop the voice feature of the device while driving, simply press the “BACK” key which is available below the square button on the right and must avoid fumbling with multiple button presses.

Text to Speech feature of Kindle E-book Reader Electronic Gadget is a great gift to visually handicapped members of family.